About Us

Bittersweet Station is only moments away from downtown Lexington on Highway 60. We are easily accessible from Interstate 64 & 75, being only 2.4 miles east from Exit 110 off I75, and 30 minutes from the Bluegrass International Airport. The main farm consist of 84 acres with 539 additional acres in three other locations.

Although Bittersweet Station is a newcomer to the Registered Angus world, some of the best cows in the Angus Breed graze the pastures of this beautiful, well groomed farm. The foundation cows have been selected from some of the top herds around the country. We have selected cattle from a variety of purebred operations, but the selection criteria has been the same, whether it be cattle from Kansas or our neighbor down the road, we went with what we think is the best that is available.

The goals here at Bittersweet Station are very well defined. Start with the "BEST" and improve it with our innovative approach to breeding and management. A solid foundation has been laid with a mixture of solid proven cows and the elite young females of the breed. It is our belief and a proven fact that Angus cattle are the best Beef Cattle in the world and in some small way, we hope to enhance and hopefully improve the best beef breed in the world.

To accomplish our goals to breed and have the BSS name associated with the best cattle , not only here at the farm, in the state of Kentucky and also the entire Angus world, we plan on applying the latest and most modern technology that is available, but never forgetting good "Common Cow Sense" in our decisions. We will use all of these, not only in our breeding and management decisions, but also in our promotion and advertising program.

The Angus herd consist of Registered Cows and Commercial Cows that are used in our Embryo Transplant Program. We plan on breeding cattle that not only our Kentucky Customers can use in their program, but also cattle that can go anywhere in the country and fit someone's needs.

In order to do this, we must breed for soundness, ability to milk and wean a big stout calf at 7 months, and also have the ability to breed back each year. The bulls we plan on using will be high accuracy EPD Bulls that meet our demands for pedigree and phenotype also. We will use a few "young ones" that come from a dam with a proven and well defined production record. Our merchandising program will consist of private treaty sales direct from the farm that will consist of bulls, heifers, cow/calf pairs or any combination that you the breeder desires.