Waldeck EF Forever Lady 9507
#QAS Traveker 23-4
#Traveler 1148 GDAR
#Blackcap Forever 485 GDAR
#Band 234 of Idea 3163
QAS Blackbird Eve 601 1
#Candolier Forever 376
Blackcap 214 GDAR
#+Skarship Saratoga
+SVF Forever Lady 1120
#Forever Lady 163 GDAR
#Pine Drive Big Sky
WAR Elba 43J
#QAS Traveler 23-4
Forever Lady 65 GDAR


A direct daughter of the famous All American Reserve Grand Champion Cow, SVF Forever Lady 1120, who has generated more than a million dollars in progeny sales. Sired by the low birth weight, high maternal Pathfinder sire, Traveler 1148 GDAR, this well bred female is a paternal sister to both GDAR Traveler 71 and VDAR Lucys Boy, and her fifteen maternal sisters in the AHIR program post an impressive collective progeny weaning ratio of 107. A flush sister sold for $ 25,000 to Garrison Farms of Alabama through the Waldeck Dispersal where a maternal sister included the $ 35,000 top-selling embryo heifer calf. “9507” was selected to join the elite Bittersweet donor program at the 1999 Eaglestone Sale. Sisters to “9507” include the $ 70,000 Bittersweet donor Waldeck EF Forever Lady 9529 and the “87,500 Sweetwater Plantation donor Waldeck EF Forever Lady 9530, plus numerous others working i the breed’s top herds.


Milk Comb Yearling
7 .09 +36 .08 +26 .09 +44 +64 .07

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